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Gazebo building is done with accuracy

When our gazebo builders in Greater Vancouver take over, you can trust their work. Whether you want the gazebo made of pressure treated or cedar wood, the result will be fantastic. Our company uses only the best wood species for the construction of gazebos. Our builders give shape to wood to construct rectangular, square, or round gazebos and meet your requirements.

Over 230 Townhouse Deficiency and Finishing

4 Years Project/ Completed March 2022
No matter what type of project you are thinking about, our team of experts will take care of every detail of the renovation process. We will transform your current home, merging together functionality and aesthetics to bring your dream home to your familiar and loved neighborhood.

Built 2003, 6871 Hastings Burnaby, BC V5B 1S9

For the last 35 years, IBD Construction Co. has been providing their expertise in commercial construction and residential to the Greater Vancouver area.  We work with our clients from concept to completion to ensure the best in customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship. Our team understands the importance of meeting deadlines and doing the job right the first time. No matter the size of your project, contact IBD Construction Co. to discuss the details. 

Types of Fireplaces
There are several different types of fuel-powered fireplaces and installations, namely gas, electric, and wood-burning, so the prices differ quite a bit. While one type might be cheaper to install, another might be cheaper to run over the years and last longer.

Successful projects start with a good plan
If you’re thinking of changing the layout of your house, taking down some walls to open up your kitchen, adding a room, converting a garage or even just building a patio cover than you need a plan. In order to be able to obtain a permit, not to mention start getting accurate bids on your remodeling project you will need a plan showing details and specification on how this should be done properly per your local city codes and regulations. Here at IBD Remodeling, we offer “In House” drafting services and complete architectural and engineering plans done by licensed registered professionals.