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230 Townhouse at Seymour village , North Vancouver

Seymour Village DEFICIENCY

What is a deficiency in construction?

Deficiencies are a standard line item on most, if not all, construction projects. Construction project deficiency is defined as a characteristic or condition that fails to meet a standard, or is not in compliance with a requirement or specification, and is sometimes referred to as defective work.

Fully home deficiency and finishing services over 230 Townhouse at Seymour village , North Vancouver in last 4 years, our service at Seymour village
finishing, carpet and laminate repair, painting and touchup, fix/adjust doors and windows, caulking and install baseboard, carpentry, repaint doors, baseboards, stair railing , countertop, bathroom glass door adjustment, leak damage check and repair, install refrigerator, exterior building painting .   


What is list of construction deficiencies?
The most common problems of quality defects in construction include; roof cracks, leaking plumbing, faulty electrical systems, and many others. Low-quality materials, lack of auditing, lack of proper supervision, design complexity, design concept among others is some of the common sources of construction defects.