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Seymour Village

Painting and Finishing over 230 Townhouse at North Vancouver

Over 230 Townhouse Deficiency and Finishing

4 Years Project/ Completed March 2022
No matter what type of project you are thinking about, our team of experts will take care of every detail of the renovation process. We will transform your current home, merging together functionality and aesthetics to bring your dream home to your familiar and loved neighborhood.

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Our Service at Seymour Village

Finishing, carpet and laminate repair, painting and touchup, fix/adjust doors and windows, caulking and install baseboard, carpentry, repaint doors, baseboards, stair railing , countertop , bathroom glass door adjustment, leak damage check and repair, install refrigerator, exterior building painting , Leaking repair and  more

Renovation, Finishing, Painting

Deficiency Manager and Contractor
Mr. David 

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Interior Design Consultation with Every Complete Project

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